While we prefer to speak to parents directly, we understand there is some information families like to have on as-needed basis. Use this page as a resource for the most current menu, monthly newsletters, and calendar. Also, commonly used forms, and our Parent Handbook.

Current Menu

Authorization to Administer Prescribed Medication

  This form must be completed by a parent/guardian when a child is to be given prescribed medicine while at the Center.

Certificate of Child Health Examination

  This form is used as proof of a child’s physical examination and immunizations. The form must be signed by a doctor and required for enrollment.

Food Allergy Emergency Action Plan

  For children with severe allergies (or asthma) this plan informs the Center of allergen, typical response when exposed, and action steps post exposure.

Enrollment Forms

  Forms completed prior to enrollment of a child.

Notice of Intent to withdraw

  Form to be completed no less than 10 business days prior to withdrawal from the program. Completed forms should be returned to an administrator.

Extended Care Registration Form

  Each semester parents whose work/school schedule necessitate that their child attend the Early Morning Room or the Late Room are asked to register using this form.

Tuition Record

  Form used by parents to keep track of their tuition payments.