Is Children’s Center enrollment open to anyone?
The UIC Children’s Center enrollment is open to all pre-school aged children of current UIC students, faculty and staff. At least one of the child’s legal guardians must be currently affiliated.

Does the Children’s Center offer part-time care?
No. Weekly tuition is based on 5 full days and is determined by enrollment, not the number of days or hours attended. The Children’s Center is open 48 weeks a year and closely follows the University schedule.

Is it true that the waiting list is very long and you have to apply way in advance?
The Children’s Center does not accept applications of children young than 2 years old. Typically, we get 98% of the applications submitted within a year. Our largest enrollment period is at the beginning of the Fall semester in August with a few possible spaces in January and May of each year. For more information please see the perspective families page.

How can I find infant/toddler care close to campus?
The administrative staff at the Children’s Center would be happy to share our list of programs and services in the area. For further information send an email to uicchildcenter@uic.edu