7:00 Center opens. Morning Float teacher supervises the Early Morning Room
8:15 1st shift teachers arrive. All 3 classrooms open, children engage in center-based activities of their choice.
9:00 Teaching Assistant arrives and joins classroom activities.
9:15 Morning snack is served until 9:45am.
9:30 2nd shift classroom teachers arrive. Children continue center-based choices and teachers engage children in small- group activities.
10:30 Group Time begins. Teachers and children meet together for calendar, songs, whole group read-aloud, and discussions about topics relevant to the classroom community.
11:00 Outdoor Play on Center’s playground
11:30 Family-Style Lunch
12:30/1:00 Naptime begins
1:00 Teaching Assistants leave
1:30 Teacher’s Aides arrive
1:30 Teachers leave the classrooms to plan, prepare classroom activities, participate in weekly supervision meetings, & professional development trainings.
2:45 Naptime ends. Teachers return to the classroom. Afternoon snack is served. Children engage in center-based activities of their choice.
4:15 Outdoor play (weather permitting) 1st shift teachers leave.
5:00 Children return from the playground. Group read-aloud.
5:30 Classrooms close. Afternoon float teacher supervises the Late Room. 2nd shift teachers leave.
6:00 Center closes