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Center Hours

The UIC Children's Center is open from 7:00am-6:00pm Monday-Friday.
Early Morning Room open from 7:00am-8:15am
Classroom Hours open from 8:15am-5:15pm All children must arrive by 9:30 am each day. Late Room open from 5:15pm-6:00pm

In order to maintain child/teacher ratios families that would like to use the Early Morning Room (7:00am-8:15am) or the Late Room (5:15-6:00) must make arrangements in advance with the assistant director.

Food Service

Tuition includes daily lunches and morning and afternoon snacks, catered by University Dining Services. Lunch includes an entree, vegetable, salad (or another vegetable), bread, fruit, and 1% milk. The Center serves a variety of foods but NOT pork, preserved meats (such as hot dogs), or foods with added sugar.

As a participant in the Child and Adult Food Care Program we are required to serve a protein for lunch, as well as milk. If a family is vegetarian, we ask that they send a protein substitute on days that meat is offered. We try to plan one or two meals per week without animal protein (e.g., grilled cheese, bean burritos). For any food allergies or other food restrictions parents will need to submit a Medical (or other) Exception Statement for Food Substitution form signed by their pediatrician . Form available from the assistant director.



The designated place to park is on our driveway at the west end of the building. Our driveway is only accessible when you are driving NORTH on Damen. The driveway is for drop-off and pick-up only. Parents are not authorized to park for longer periods of time, and those who do so risk a parking ticket from the UIC Police or Parking Enforcement staff.

If you choose to park in the circular drive in the front of the building on Taylor Street, please be advised that this is NOT our designated drop-off area and you are at risk of receiving a parking ticket from the City of Chicago Police.

Parent Handbook

The Parent Handbook covers additional Center policies and procedures. Each family will be given a handbook at the time of enrollment


Center Newsletter

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Family Survey

An annual survey is conducted to assess the satisfaction levels of parents utilizing the services of the UIC Children’s Center. The assessment collects feedback on the curriculum, care provided, center teachers, administration, communication/organization, food service, safety, the physical space, & parent involvement.


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