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General Eligibility Requirements

  • At least one parent/legal guardian must be a current student‚ faculty‚ or staff member at UIC.
  • Child must be at least two-years‚ nine-months old and no older than six.
  • Child must be fully toilet trained.
    • A child is fully potty trained when they are dry and wearing underwear at all awake times. The child is verbally able to let an adult know when he/she needs to use the bathroom. The child is also self-sufficient while in the bathroom, including pulling pants up and down, wiping, flushing and washing hands. We will provide assistance when needed to pull pants up and down and offer instructional support and words of encouragement to help them in wiping.

How to apply?

Fill out our on-line application by using the link below. ANY APPLICATION SUBMITTED BEFORE A CHILD'S SECOND BIRTHDAY WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

When can I submit an application?

You can submit an application once your child turns two-years old. Applications received before a child's second birthday will not be accepted.

Is there an application fee?


Will I be contacted by the center to verify my application has been received?

Time does not permit us to respond to each new applicant. At the end of the application there is the opportunity to provide an email address in order to receive a copy of your submitted application. Please keep this email which will serve as verification that your application has been received.

What is the waitlist process?

Because we consider factors such as gender, age, & UIC affiliation when making placement decisions, our "wait-list" could more accurately be described as a "wait-pool". Enrollment is offered as spaces become available. Our largest enrollment period is at the beginning of the Fall semester in August with a few possible spaces in January and May of each year.

Families are welcome to contact the Center periodically by phone or email to inquire about their child's application. Although it is our policy not to provide detailed information about waiting list placement, we are happy to share general updates to help you determine the likelihood of availability, as well as whether /when to seek alternative child care options to serve your immediate or longer term needs.

Visiting the Center prior to enrollment

When a space becomes available we will invite your family to visit and tour the Center. If you would like to visit the Center before we have a space available, we ask that you contact us at the email below to schedule a visit.


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